In the beginning

It starts in different places for all of us. In most cases, you won’t even be able to find the beginning. I’m not sure where I saw it, but at some point before college, there was a Sportsmobile. It may have been in a magazine, on the road, or even simply a figment of my imagination, but it was there and it set up camp in my dreams.

As life continued to unfold, adventure and exploration took center stage. That is where our crew of four found each other.  We setup shop in Jackson Hole and started to connect people to the outdoor destinations that we already loved through As the company grew into new destinations, we started to roam. The Sportsmobile fit our lifestyles perfectly.

So, why not connect people with our root passion?

Get them behind the wheel and away from it all. Its been amazing for us, and we hope that this is only the beginning as we make new friends and create new experiences along the way.

Our Team

Tim Bradshaw
Tim BradshawRoamer
A self proclaimed modern day gypsy. Spicy margaritas don’t taste nearly as well indoors.  Take your sip outside.
Idea Generator 50
Van Maintenance 30
Bartender 15
Out to Sea 5
Mary Lynn Wilmore
Mary Lynn WilmoreAdventurer
Campsites are more comfortable due to her personal touch. Bring an empty stomach and an appetite.
Marketing 40
Food Design 25
Camp Feng Shui 20
Comfortizer 10
Lisa Ridenour
Lisa RidenourExplorer
Why worry about the details?  She’ll have it taken care of before you even realize you needed it.
Itineraries 40
Food Buys 30
Details 20
Cat Herding 10
BJ Hansen
BJ HansenDreamer
He’s always ready to do some dishes at the end of the day.  Other than that, good luck with this guy.
Dreamer 40
Web Developer 30
Transport 25
Bull$#!^ 5